Live Painting & Color Webinar

Below is a recording of a live webinar and slide show hosted by Corel Painter.  It is fully narrated with many Q&A's throughout.  In parts 1 & 2 I walk through my painting process shown in both the Lincoln slide show and steampunk character design video from below.  I discuss in detail my thought process on painting and the integration of Corel Painter into my work flow.  In part 3 I discuss a bit of color theory, Temperature contrast, Harmonious palettes, demo the gamut mask tool, and give tips on effectively choosing color.  Finally, I live demo the steps I take in bringing my black and white under painting to full color on one of my Destroyermen book covers from the Science Fiction Book Club.

Digital Painting Technique Process Video

Below is a video walk through (Playback quality & Speed can be adjusted from the gear icon in the lower right) of my digital painting process from initial drawing to finished painting.  It was created in part for a digital painting lecture at The University of the Arts.  While it is presented here without narration it is broken down into three steps of primary topics and key tools and brushes used for each stage of the painting.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions and be sure to check out out the finished painting by clicking the icon to the left.

Lincoln: Painting Technique Slideshow

Below is a step by step snapshot of my digital painting technique.  I work in a very traditional way, starting with an initial line drawing and building up from a mid ground under painting by wiping out or erasing.  I then begin modeling the form with heavier more opaque brushwork.  Once I have a fully realized black and white painting I do quick little tiny color studies to  guide me with my palette choices.  I then proceed to color on the final, building up the painting with many different transparent color glazes while still retaining the value from the black and white painting.  After the painting is keyed in color wise to completion I then go in and refine the painting even further with opaque colors so as not to just have a colorized black and white.  Finally Ill go in and make any last minute hue, value, or saturation adjustments while pushing textures and refining some of the brushwork.  Check out the step by step progress or the video slideshow below.