Illustration Master Class: Joan of Arc & Imagine FX

Here is my assignment for this years

Illustration Masters Class

I attended a couple of weeks ago in Amherst Massachusetts.  (For those unfamiliar with IMC check out my previous blog post on last years



For this years Assignment I chose to take on the Maid of Orleans... Joan of Arc.  We were free to interpret this book cover anyway we wished through either a historical viewpoint or, as I chose here a more fantastical one.  I’ve been wanting to do an angel piece for quite sometime and this was the perfect opportunity to take on the challenge.

You cacheck it out in my portfolio


or check out a larger view with some zoom details of brush work


.  Enjoy!

This years IMC class was a little different than last in that

Imagine FX Magazine

chose 10 artists to be featured in an upcoming article.  I just found out that I was fortunate enough to be one of the select artists.  Ill post an update when the article hits the stands, but in the mean time here is a list of all the artists that were chosen.

Anthony Palumbo

Clark Huggins

Dominick Saponaro

Andrew Baker

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer

Marc Scheff

Michael Hayes

Rebecca Solow

Sam Kennedy

Winona Nelson

Congratulations to everyone, Im honored to be in such good company!