Spectrum 20 & Expose 11

Dominick Saponaro - 20 Spectrum Annual.jpg
Dominick Saponaro - Expose 11 Annual.jpg

A few shots of my work from the most recent Spectrum 20 & Expose 11 illustration annuals. I was thrilled to have both Destroyermen II (In glorious full page detail!) and Destroyermen III included in Spectrum. Destroyermen III is also featured in Expose as well. A Huge thank you to Matt Kalamidas over at the Science Fiction Book club. This series has been so damn rewarding!

The quality and number of entries seem to grow considerably for both competitions every year so I am simultaneously thrilled and shocked when my work does get in. It's an insane honor to be included with some of the top illustrators working in the field today.

This just reminded me... Call for entries for Spectrum 21 is coming up! 1/25/14!!! Get those entries in people!

Really looking forward to seeing everyone at Spectrum Live in May!