Spectrum 21

thief of war - dominick saponaro.jpg

I'm thrilled to announce that three of my pieces were accepted into this years Spectrum 21!  Thief of WarA Princess of Mars, and Swashbuckle Dom will all be included in the annual this fall.  Every year I am blown away by the sheer number of AWESOME entries that are included, so it's always a feat just to have one piece accepted.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that THREE of my works have been chosen.   I am honored to say the least!  A big thank you to the judges (Cory GodbeyJ. Anthony KosarGeorge PrattShelly WanAllen Williams), John Fleskthe Fenners, and the entire Spectrum team.

I'm especially excited for my Thief of War piece as it was a commission for a really great tor.com short story by Beth Bernobich of the same title.  A huge thank you to Irene Gallo for the opportunity and Art Direction on that one.  Being as its such a great little story and featured in Some of the Best From Tor.com I'm so happy to see the illustration get a little bit of recognition from the art community as well.

This news couldn't come at a better time as I have just begun the planning for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in May.  I'm really looking forward to the show this year and can't wait to see everyone!  Stop on by and say hello if your at the show.  I'll be in adjacent booths 602 & 703.  Hope to see you there!