Society of Illustrators Opening Reception

Here are some shots from the Society of Illustrators Spectrum exhibit opening reception in New York last month.  It was an honor to be included and most definitely a career highlight.  Hopefully one of many to come!  Be sure to check out this show.  It runs until October 18th and is downright incredible.

You can check out my previous post on it here or head on over to the Society's info page here.

Top Left: Winona Nelson Bottom Left: Kali Ciesemier Middle Top: Me Middle Bottom: Goni Montes Right: Kinuko Craft

In good company. It was certainly an honor to hang next to such amazing artists.

Art director Matthew Kalamidas and me in front of my painting. This is the guy that really deserves the credit. An awesome art director that knows how to get the best out of his artists!

The lovely Christina Hess and Irene Gallo of Tor Books. Another amazing art director and chair of the exhibition.

Me and Greg Manchess. The hardest working AND nicest guy in illustration today! Can't thank him enough.

Cathy Fenner of Spectrum & Kinuko Craft. I've admired Kinuko's work since college so it was certainly an honor to have my painting hang next to hers.

Angry monkey!

A great night and definitely a highlight in my career so far.