Spectrum Live 4 Highlights

Below are a some shots from Spectrum Live in May. There was a really great write up in Airbrush Action (Yes! Airbrush Action!) which I'll be posting soon. Until then, enjoy some highlights below. These are only a glimpse of the awesome weekend. Such great people and another excellent show.  I only wish I took more pictures!

The booth!

Always awesome and fun to hang with Tyler Jacobson!  (The only pic we have of him WITHOUT a drink!)

Christina's Booth.

Christina signing Women of Wonder for Carl Anderson (Check out his blog if you haven't already).

Detail shot of the booth.

Goñi Montes!  This guy rocks!

A couple of happy customers.  These guys were so awesome to chat with! 

My booth Neighbor...  Ed Binkley.  Such a nice guy.  AMAZING work.  Loved his work for years.  

Our helpers...  Skye Bolluyt & Michelle Lockamy.  Keep an eye out for these guys.  Awesome artists.

The lovely Kate Irwin from Wizard's (Gah!  How did we not get a picture of Richard?!), myself, and some crazy eyed homeless guy we couldn't shake the entire weekend.  The Wizards crew was the best!  So much fun hanging with you guys.

And of course the real reason we go to Kansas City every year.  Best BBQ on the planet.  Joe's Kansas City BBQ.